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Shekh Mr. Wafa Abu Agoor

Date of Birth16-October-1938
City of Birth  Egypt
Islamic Research Academy :Secretary General of the Islamic Research Academy
1964 Graduated from the Faculty of Religion Fondamentals at Azhar  (Egypt)
Past Occupation
1964 1965 Religious Predicator at Hosh Issa in Bahira  (Egypt)
1965 1971 Religious Predicator in Dokohliya  (Egypt)
1971 1979 Religious Predicator in Mahalla  (Egypt)
1979 1985 Assistant Inspector of Predication  (Egypt)
1985 1989 General Inspector of Religious Predication  (Egypt)
1989 1990 Director of Islamic Predication at Azhar  (Egypt)
1990 1992 General Assistant of Predication at Azhar  (Egypt)
1992 1994 Director General of Religious Predication in Gharbiya  (Egypt)
1992 1994 Director General of Religious Predication in Dokohliya  (Egypt)
1994 1996 Director of Regional Predication at Azhar  (Egypt)
1996 1998 Secretary General of the High Committee of Islamic Predication  (Egypt)
1998 1999 Director General of Predication and Religious Information at Azhar  (Egypt)
1999 2000 Assistant Secretary General of Islamic Predication  (Egypt)
Current Occupation
2000 Secretary General of the Academy of Islamic Research  (Egypt)
(last updated: 22-February-2003)

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