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Mareshal Comrade Mostafa Abdel Qader Tlass

Mareshal Comrade Mostafa Abdel Qader Tlass
Date of Birth1932
City of BirthRastan Homs Governorate  Syria
Married to Mrs Lamia Jabri with 2 sons & 2 daughters
Baath Party Military Commission :Head of the Baath Party Military Commission
1956 Training in Tank Squadron in Cairo  (Egypt)
1972 Diploma from Vorchilov Academy of Staff  (Russia)
1980 PhD in Political Sciences from Vorochilov Academy  (Russia)
1990 PhD in Histroical Sciences  (Russia)
52-1 1954 Graduated Lieutenant in Tanks from Military Academy  (Syria)
Past Occupation
1950 1952 Sport Teacher at Korayya School, Sweida Governorate  (Syria)
1951 1951 Nominated Secretary of Rastan Baath Section  (Syria)
1962 1963 Jailed after his participation to the Free Officers Movement  (Syria)
1965 2005 Elected member of the Baath Regional Command  (Syria)
1965 1965 Member of the National Revolution Council  (Syria)
1966 1968 Commander of Central Region and of the 5th Armored Batallion  (Syria)
1966 1966 Participated to 23 February Coup  (Syria)
1968 1968 Deputy Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff  (Syria)
1968 1968 Exceptionnaly Promoted as Major-General  (Syria)
1970 1970 Participated to Hafez Assad Coup  (Syria)
1971 1971 Nominated member of the People assembly  (Syria)
1972 2004 Minister of Defense  (Syria)
1972 2004 Deputy Chief of the Army  (Syria)
1973 1973 Deputy Chief of the Military Council of the Syrian-Egyptian Armies  (Syria)
1977 1977 Member of the Joint Syrian-Egyptian Political Command  (Syria)
1978 1978 Promoted Lt-General  (Syria)
1984 2003 First Deputy Prime Minister  (Syria)
1996 1996 Promoted Field Marshal  (Syria)
2000 2005 Elected Member of the Central Committee  (Syria)
Current Occupation
1947 Joined the Baath Party since its initiation  (Syria)
1977 Head of the Baath Party Military Commission  (Syria)
(last updated: 11-June-2005)

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