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  • Board of General Information Authority
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General Description
The Board of Directors has all the powers for managing the Authority affairs and performing all the functions required by its purposes within the limits of the provisions of this law, and the board of directors isspecially responsible for the following:
Approving the general plans necessary for the Authority to attain its purposes and supervising their implementation.
Endorsing the regulations connected with the Authority personnel affairs, the financial regulations as well as its internal organization which will all be issued by a ministerial decree.
Approving the projected budget project and the financial statement.
Ratifying contracts and agreements projects concluded with individuals, agencies and organizations inside and outside the country within the limits decided in the internal regulations of the Authority.
Approving acceptance of assistance, grants, donations, endowments and scholarships which do not contradict with the country’s policy and the Authority’s objectives.
Approving appointment and termination of services of the Authority Undersecretary and holders of supervisory posts in accordance with the regulations of the Authority personnel affairs.
Deciding on inviting assistance of experts and technicians and fixing their remunerations
Viewing and deciding on all other matters which come under its jurisdiction as a monitoring power for the Authority.
The Board of Directors holds its meeting at least once every six month on a convocation by its chairman, and the written convocation specifies the date, place and the agenda to be reviewed in the meeting. The Chairman may extend convocation for the meeting whenever necessary or on a justifiable request by three board members at least or the Undersecretary
The meeting of the Board of Directors shall be considered quorum if attended by the chairman or his legal substitute and at least five of its members
Resolutions and recommendations of the Board of Directors are taken with the absolute majority of the members present, and incase of split vote the side on which the chairman votes shall prevail.
The board of directors may invite for consultation non-board members to attend its meetings to observe their views on certain matters without having the right to cast a vote.
(last updated: 11-November-2002)

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