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General Description
The Division is in-charge of all refinery and Chlorine plant operations. It is also responsible for
maintenance and technical services, in addition to administrative affairs, safety, environment
and fire.
Following the discovery of oil in Abu Dhabi in 1958 and the first
export shipments of crude in 1962, plans were drawn for this
refinery. Construction work began in 1973 and the project, costing
an initial $45 million, was inaugurated in 1976 with a capacity of
15,000 bpsd. An additional refining capacity of 60,000 bpsd was
commissioned in August 1983 and the old obsolete plant was

Refinery topping capacity increased in 1988 to 72,500 bpsd. In
1992, capacity was further increased to 85,000. The refinery has
been designed to process crude oil mixed with condensate produced in Abu Dhabi. Storage capacity of Umm Al Nar tank farm is 530,000 cubic meters, which includes facilities for crude
oil, intermediate, semi-finished and finished products meeting international specifications.

Most of the refined products from Umm Al Nar are sold to domestic market, while the residue
and excess Naphtha are shipped to the Ruwais Refinery.

The refinery is served by a two-berth marine terminal on the north shore of the island for
loading and unloading of tankers with petroleum products. Excess quantities of Naphtha, jet
fuel and gas oil are exported to the Northern Emirates.

A salt and chlorine plant was commissioned in July 1981 and in 1990 it was merged with the refinery to form the Umm Al Nar Refinery and Chlorine Division.

For optimum performance, advanced process control, and advanced automation systems were installed in February 1994.
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