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Contact Information
P.O. Box : 7976 Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 2240000 +971 2 6732332 +973 580860
General Description
Kids Play consists of scientifically designed equipment that is aimed at providing a healthy growing environment for children of all pages.
Dubai: Kids Play is located in Al-Futtaim Centre, and is an ideal place to leave children while shopping at the center or while relaxing with a cup of coffee at the Marks and Spencer Cafe.
Abu Dhabi: Located next to Toys R Us, Kids Play is a destination of its own with a large entertainment area, and parents sending their children there during holidays, weekends, and evenings too.
Bahrain: Kids Play is also located within Toys ′R′ Us and offers the unique pager service for parents to keep in touch with their children.
Supervised and safe environment
The equipment available for children includes fun slides, ball pits, boppety bags, monorails, mountain climbs, all of which are properly padded and safe.
Fun Destination
Kids Play is a destination on its own with parents specially bringing their children to the play area during their weekends, holidays or in the afternoon. Kids Play organizes regular parties for children on different occasions such as a fancy dress party in Halloween, and also has Birthday Halls that are ideal for a truly enjoyable birthday bash!

(last updated: 01-June-2008)

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