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General Description
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Covers direct pecuniary losses following fraudulent embezzlement by an employee or employees who are entrusted with money, stock etc. or who have signing authority.

Plate Glass Insurance

Covers breakage of Plate Glass due to any cause not otherwise excepted.

Money Insurance
Covers loss of Money in any of the following situations:-

Whilst in locked safe.

Whilst in the premises during business hours.

Whilst in transit between the office premises and bank.

Bankers Blanket Bond Insurance
- This insurance covers crime exposures faced by Banks. The cover is provided for:
- Infidelity of employees.
- Theft on premises or in transit.
- Forgery risks on Securities, Cheques and other instruments.
- Counterfeit Currency.
- Damage to premises by robbery etc.
The coverage can be extended to include losses arising from Computer Crime.

(last updated: 21-June-2002)

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