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Contact Information
Arab Monetary Fund Building Al Kornaish Street - Abu Dahbi P.O.Box 2722 Abu Dhabi
Tel: 971 2 6339700
Fax: 971 2 6319191
General Description
The Bank offers the following types of loans, as type are needed:

a) Short Term Loans : not exceeding two year duration. These loans are assigned to financing capital, acting in the existing industrial establishments.

b) Short Term Loans: not exceeding five-year duration. These loans are assigned to increase production lines or the renewal of the existing industrial establishments.

c) Long Term Loans : not exceeding eight-year duration. These loans are assigned to establishing new industrial projects.

Other Services and Facilities include:
Providing Renewed Credit Facilities for financing active capital.
Private Contracts Financing.
Credit Facility Grants for exports.
Transferable Loans.
Providing Preliminary Guarantee Statements.
Providing Preliminary Statements of Guaranteed performance.
Preparation of Assessment Studies for Industrial Projects.
Preparation of Marketing Studies .
Investigating Investment Chances in the Industrial Fields in the Country.
Loans Transferable to Participate in Capital.
Contribution to the Capital of Companies Acting within the Activity of the Bank. est. of 4% of the amount of the loan, added to a 0.5 % interest for administration fees.

a) Industrial projects of dense capital insuring importing modern technology to the country.

b) Industrial projects whose most needs depend on locally available primary material to produce commodities for the UAE market with the capacity of replacing imported ones and gross expenses less than those of the imported ones .

c) Projects depending on locally available primary material which, rather than locally marketing, can be marketed in Arab and Foreign markets by multi - party by literal long term agreements.

The bank was founded in 1982
Constitutional Framework
Emirates Industrial Bank is a financial and development establishment established in 1982 by the Federal Law No. (1) the year 1982 , so as to contribute to the economy of the country and diversify its productive structure by building new industries and supporting the existing ones through out the country.
The Bank fundamentally directs its efforts to private establishments and companies and mixed economy establishments and companies in the field of industry whose capital is at lest 51% owned by UAE nationals or the State.
Mode of Finance
The paid capital is 109 million US$
(last updated: 18-December-2002)

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