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The College of Communication and Media Sciences offers students opportunities to perfect their communication skills and to discover how they might use those skills to play important leadership roles in their country, in a professional career and in their families. Students master the crafts of written, oral and visual communication through the courses they complete, co-curricular activities on campus, internships and practicum experiences both on campus and in the workplace.

The mission of the College of Communication and Media Sciences is to:

provide baccalaureate students with the communication theories, concepts and skills they will need to be successful in professional communication or media fields
provide post-baccalaureate, professional development and continuing education opportunities for communication and media practitioners that enable them to stay at the cutting edge of their fields
assist in the development and growth of communication and media industries in the region
achieve international recognition as a leading communication and media college
The College′s Academic Program

Students in the College of Communication and Media Sciences develop particularly strong language skills and are fluent in both written and oral communication, and in both Arabic and English. Instruction in most communication courses is in English, but in several courses, students complete assignments in both English and Arabic.

They also will be well versed in technology and in applications of the newest technological advances to communication. Each student uses her laptop to access online textbooks and class assignments, to reach sites on the World Wide Web for research papers and to communicate with her instructors and fellow students. The specialized visual communication and graphics technology in the College′s labs is state-of-the-art.

Both the courses and the co-curricular activities of the College of Communication and Media Sciences emphasize development of analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving and leadership skills.

The College of Communication and Media Sciences offers its full curriculum on both of the University′s campuses. It awards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Sciences.

The College′s Learning Outcomes

Five learning outcomes have been identified for all students in the College:

communication competence
technological competence
information literacy and acquisition competence
task performance competence
Each of the five college learning outcomes is embedded in one or more of the courses offered in the College of Communication and Media Sciences curriculum. Thus, students demonstrate the various learning outcomes and their respective indicators through a combination of regular course assignments and projects, activities and projects done in conjunction with their internship or summer work experience, and co-curricular involvement in campus and community clubs and organizations.

The College assesses how well students satisfy its learning outcomes through a variety of assessments. Each student assembles a portfolio for assessment that includes documents and materials from:

class-based activities, such as reports from teachers or classmates evaluating her performance on a class project or assignment.
out-of-class activities, such as a report from the faculty adviser on her contribution to a student club event or project.
work-based activities, such as a report from her World of Work summer employer or internship supervisor.
Portfolios are reviewed by a faculty panel that uses a set of common standards established by the College for measuring student achievement of learning outcomes.

(last updated: 04-July-2002)

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