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P.O. Box 26666 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel: (971) 6-5055002
Fax: (971) 6-5585858
General Description
The Management Information Systems (MIS) program is dedicated to preparing successful graduates for professional business careers emphasizing the application of information technology to business processes and to engaging in service and research which serve the information technology needs of the global society, in general, and the Gulf region, in particular.

Information Systems is the study of computer technologies, human cognition, and scientific principles directed to the design, implementation and management of information systems. The discipline includes technical components such as computer programming, system design, telecommunications, database management systems, and computer graphics as well as humanistic components such as human information processing, human factors in system design, and human-computer interaction. Management Information Systems analyzes the significance of information in problem solving, investigates how to collect information, understands the need to validate information and evaluate information sources, appreciates the importance of sharing information with others, and determines how to utilize information in problem solving and decision making.

The problems solved by information systems graduates come from many disciplines: mathematics, economics, business, engineering, linguistics and psychology, to name a few. As an information systems professional working on a problem in one of those areas, one must be knowledgeable in that discipline as well as in the capabilities and uses of computers. The successful information systems professional must possess considerable communication skills and must be able to learn new ideas quickly and adapt to ever-changing conditions to satisfy the needs of the users.
The goal of the MIS Program is to:
Provide MIS graduates with a curriculum that prepares them with the technical skills and conceptual knowledge necessary to succeed in an information systems career.

Continuously improve students skills and knowledge of emerging information systems approaches and technologies that have been identified and targeted for future development.

Involve the faculty with the placement of students through contacts with potential employers, serving as references for students, and advising students on job-search skills.

Enhance faculty interaction with information systems professionals to identify conceptual knowledge, technical skills, and instructional methods appropriate for information systems careers.

Encourage faculty to engage in applied research in emerging technologies and approaches and publications of instructional development applied to the MIS curriculum.

Provide service courses to students in the college and the university that are appropriate for the business core and for students seeking general knowledge of the applications of information systems in business.

The objectives of the program are to prepare the student to:

understand and plan for the use of current and emerging information technologies

develop a broad perspective of the integration of information technology in all functional areas of business

understand how to exploit information technology as a strategic resource

develop technical and managerial skills in management information systems

integrate quality and continuous improvement concepts into information systems management

understand ethical issues related to the use of information technology

(last updated: 21-October-2003)

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