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General Description
The Department of Natural and Quantitative Sciences (NQS) is dedicated to serving the educational needs and aspirations of its students in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics. Through high quality learning experiences, the effective integration of technology, project based learning, practical investigation and research, the Department seeks to establish in students a solid knowledge base in natural sciences and mathematics which will enable them to assume technical, managerial and leadership roles in a technologically advanced and rapidly changing society.

The Department of Natural and Quantitative Sciences aims to achieve six main goals:

Attract quality students and serve their educational needs and aspirations with the goal of attracting ten percent of the major student body

Provide high quality learning experiences for students

Ensure that teaching will be provided by dedicated, quality faculty

Ensure that learning experiences will incorporate in an integrated way the use of technology, project based learning, practical investigation and research

Provide students with a solid knowledge base in science and mathematics in line with world standards

Enable students to assume technical, managerial and leadership roles

The Department of Natural and Quantitative Sciences fulfills three important roles in Zayed University.

First, regardless of a student′s major area of study, the General Education program requires all students to complete a total of fifteen credits in the Science, Mathematics and Technology knowledge domain. Students must take a minimum of three credits in Science, three credits in Mathematics, six credits in Information Technology and a further three elective credits. The Department provides a variety of courses to help students fulfill these requirements.

Second, Natural and Quantitative Sciences acts as a service department for other colleges within the University. The College of Business Sciences, the College of Education and the College of Information Systems all require their majors to enroll in a selection of courses offered by the Department of Natural and Quantitative Sciences. In some cases, such as Quantitative Methods for Business (MTH 291), the course has been tailor-made, according to the particular college′s requirements. In other cases, a college may require a course that is generic and not specific to their discipline, such as Precalculus (MTH 201).

Finally, the Department offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural and Quantitative Sciences. Students may choose from three streams: one with an emphasis in the physical sciences, one in biological sciences and one in mathematics and statistics. The major seeks to provide students with the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to pursue a career in the areas of science and mathematics.

(last updated: 25-July-2002)

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