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Contact Information
P.O. Box 15551 Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-3-7643998
Fax: +971-3-7660655
General Description
The Faculty of Shari′ah and Law prepares students to practice in the legal progression. This involves helping students build a solid background in Shari′ah and in the laws applied in the Country, developing their research skills and helping them acquire practical legal skills.
The Faculty is also mandated to conduct quality research activities. This involves the following:

Preparing text books and references which combine Shari′ah and Law
Conducting theoretical and analytical studies in various aspects of Shari′ah and law.
Providing studies which monitor, follow up, and assess the present legal status in the Country in the light of the causal, economic and political developments, nationally and internationally, suggesting solutions to the problems which emerge as a result of these developments.
Providing studies concerned with reviewing various aspects of applications, courts rulings, decisions, and verdicts. This aims at improving the legal performance in the Country.

The Faculty of Shari′ah and Law has an important mission in the field of community service. This can be summarized as follows:
Participating in the preparation of various laws in the Country.
Providing consultation on issues and problems related to law and Shari′ah.
Providing continuing education programs for personnel working in the fields related to Shari′ah and law.
Educating the public in social aspects of Shari′ah and law, and increasing their awareness of the importance of respecting the law and tradition of the Country.
The Faculty of Shari′ah and Law was inaugurated in the academic year 1978/1979 to respond to the vital need of the Country to nationalize and develop its students in these fields. The Faculty combines Shari′ah and law together. This distinguishes it from faculties of Shari′ah only which are fundamentally based on Islamic law, and from faculties of law with their modern Western concepts.

The Faculty of Shari′ah and Law originated with three specializations; law, Shari′ah and a combination of both. The curricula has undergone extensive evaluation leading to the current curriculum of its academic program, Bachelor Degree Program in Shari′ah and Law. This curriculum was implemented in the academic year 1994/1995. It aims at correcting the relationship between Shari′ah and Law combining them as an integrated whole. It should be understood that law is not necessarily a man-made pattern which is incompatible with the principles of Shari′ah. On the contrary, it should be considered as the result of intellectual efforts to apply the basic principles of Shari′ah to the concepts of modern life. This of course, requires many adaptations and redefinition of terminology.

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