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General Description
BUSA mission is to provide the basic education necessary to prepare the students to enter the profession of business. The department provides three areas of concentrations: Management, Marketing, and Finance & Banking. Almost 35% of the course work for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree is taken from such areas as Humanities, Islamic Studies, Natural and Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. The college (CBE) core requirements (which constitute almost 40% at the course work) are designed to provide the students with broad knowledge and strong base in business management. The core requirements and concentration requirements collectively lead the students to develop a thorough understanding of a specific function in business administration.

BUSA objectives are to prepare the students to be able to:


Apply management theories to the management of various functional areas in business.

Develop information technology skills to enhance student ability in problem solving and decision making processes

Evaluate individual and group behavior in the organizations and improve graduate’s effectiveness as a productive member in a team work environment

Apply Islamic values, ethical behavior and the cultural features of the UAE society in business context

Design effective organizational structures for various organizational settings

Formulate, implement and evaluate processes of operational planning in a complex business environment.

Identify various practices, environmental aspects and functions involoved in the field of international business and evaluate the position of the UAE economy in global context


Have the essential knowledge about marketing and its role in business and non-business organizations as well as in the society.

Understand the relationship and mutual interaction between marketing and its environment at both the domestic and international levels.

Have the necessary knowledge about the marketing mix variables (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), and be able to formulate, implement, and evaluate strategies related to each variable.

Develop specific knowledge about the marketing research process, and acquire the skills needed to conduct field research.

Identify and analyze the main factors that influence buying behavior of different types of customers, and understand their buying decision process.

Develop the necessary knowledge about the major types of distribution channel systems and have the ability to design, manage, motivate, and evaluate the marketing channel members, taking into consideration the environments.


Develop a conceptual knowledge and understanding of finance and banking and its applications to real world settings.

Provide students with the necessary skills and techniques related to finance and banking needed to effectively carry out their responsibilities along with the capacity for continued learning

Update and adopt new approaches of teaching finance and banking based on ethical, social, and economic environments and global developments

Develop a good knowledge of the financial system in the UAE/Gulf area as compared with other financial systems.

(last updated: 25-July-2002)

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