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Contact Information
UAE University College of Engineering P.O.Box 17555 - Al Ain U.A.E.
Tel: +971 3 7621694
Fax: +971 3 7623154
General Description
The Department of Civil Engineering at the United Arab Emirates University strives to achieve the highest possible level of international recognition in providing quality higher education, applied research, and community service. Its mission is to serve the country and the public through providing the highest quality civil engineering education, using innovative delivery and interaction methods that best utilize the latest and dynamic development in information technology; to respond in a timely and efficient manner to local and regional applied research needs; and to interact with the society to provide the best quality professional service to the UAE community. Its goals are:

To establish leadership in civil engineering education in the country and the region.
To attract, motivate, and retain high quality students.
To develop and maintain academic programs and curricula of the highest international standards.
To recruit and retain world-class faculty members in the field.
To develop and maintain graduate research programs that focus on applied research responding to societal needs.
To achieve a high level of communication with the society and cooperation with the industry.
To increase the effective use of modern technologies in administrating the department activities.
To diversify and optimize the utilization of the Department resources in the three primary fields of teaching, research, and community service.

Degree Title

The title of the degree is Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Existing Programs

The Department of Civil Engineering currently offers an on-campus undergraduate day program that provides the student upon graduation with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. Its faculty members participate heavily in two Master of Science Degree Multi-disciplinary Programs in the University; namely the M.Sc. in Water Resources and the M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences Programs. The Department has prepared a plan to offer a separate track for Environmental Engineering within the Department. This plan has been finalized, and will soon be submitted for approval and implementation.

During the first semester of Academic Year 2000/2001, the Civil Engineering Department had thirteen full time faculty members, one visiting professor, one Fulbright scholar, and three adjuncts. In the second semester, the Department had fourteen full time faculty members, one Fulbright scholar, and one adjunct faculty (see sections 9-e and 9-f for details). All full time faculty members have obtained their Ph.D. degrees from different western universities. They have a wide mix of experience and traditions, which is certainly beneficial to the program.

During the current academic year, the Department faculty have taught 70 courses for 145 sections (male and female students), of which 22 sections were for graduate students (see section 9-d for details). The total faculty workload was about 411 hours (see section 9-l for details).

The goal of the B.Sc. Program in Civil Engineering is to produce graduates who are competent to practice successfully the profession of Civil Engineering, and to be able to face the challenges of an exciting engineering career throughout their professional life.

The Department strives to develop and maintain its B.Sc. Program and curriculum to be of the highest international standards. Undergraduates have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in the Civil Engineering laboratories. The Department maintains well-equipped laboratories in structures, concrete, materials, fluid mechanics/ hydraulics, soil mechanics, environmental engineering, transportation, and surveying. All the laboratories have enough space to accommodate about 15 students in a laboratory session. During the Academic Year 2000/2001, 106 undergraduates (87 males & 19 females) were enrolled in the program, 22 graduated in the first semester (19 males & 3 females), and 11 are expected to graduate by the end of the second semester (10 males and one female).

(last updated: 30-October-2003)

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