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General Description
The missions of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are the following:

To educate qualified students and prepare them for future careers as professional mechanical engineers, researchers, and/or consultants. Emphasis is placed on the generation, conversion, transmission, and utilization of mechanical and thermal energy including the design, manufacturing, and operation of the related mechanical devices.
To serve the U.A.E society through consulting, collaborative research, and continuing education.

The academic program offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department is designed to achieve the following objectives:

To provide excellent and balanced education for all qualified students taking into account the student′s special interest by means of a group of elective courses and the senior year graduation project.
To prepare the students for a long and productive professional life by combining strong engineering science fundamentals with design and synthesis and augmenting it by practical hands-on experience in the laboratory facilities and during the one semester industrial training program.
To emphasize the development of engineering design sense by introducing such concepts upfront in the present curriculum and through stronger university-industry interaction.
To graduate engineers equipped with strong communication skills and mastering of computers as applied to a wide range of mechanical engineering disciplines.
To generate new engineering knowledge through a strong and ambitious commitment to interdisciplinary research.

The Mechanical Engineering student studies major courses which establish the foundation of the mechanical engineer in both areas of applied mechanics and thermo-luids.

Courses in applied mechanics include mainly materials engineering, machine drawing and design, production engineering, automatic control, maintenance and dynamics.

Thermo-fluids courses include thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning, power stations and heat engines. In addition to the above major courses, the student selects four courses from a group of electives covering both mechanical and thermal systems. Upon graduation, the mechanical engineering student works out a graduation project that reflects and enhances his creative ability to handle a real engineering problem. The mechanical engineering students are also necessarily required to spend a complete 3-month semester in real industrial field training. This training is normally well planned and programmed to be after the student has covered the basics in mechanical engineering curriculum and would significantly help his future career.

(last updated: 15-July-2002)

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