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Contact Information
Geology Department UAE University PO Box 17551 Al-Ain, UAE.
Tel: (009713) 7064221
Fax: (009713) 7671291
General Description
The Geology Department is committed to providing students with a comprehensive knowledge of modern theory and geo-technical skills in a range of pure and applied geological fields, as a firm foundation for their future professional activities. The management of the Earth’s environment and finite resources is a major concern for mankind. These latter topics are specially treated in an important group of interrelated environmental geology courses in the curriculum. The Department offers a well-balanced curriculum in two sub-disciplines - “Geology” and “Geology of Petroleum and water”, in order to meet the specific needs of graduates and their employers in the UAE private and public sector. The programs of study enable graduates to participate fully in geology-based industries, in the fields of education, and in scientific research. The programs offer the students a diversity of courses covering all branches of the geological sciences, and their applications to exploration for Earth resources, and to the solution of environmental problems in the geological context. Practical training plays a pivotal role in the teaching, and the courses have been devised with the intention of providing students with profession skills as a preparation for the challenges of actual employment situations.
Laboratory facilities have recently been improved and updated, especially in the fields of remote sensing and, X-ray diffractometry and Petroleum and water geochemical analyses.
In addition to the Department′s contribution to the educational programs and research activities, the Department offers consultations and training workshops to help and serve the community.

(last updated: 25-February-2004)

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