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General Description

a) Undergraduate:

Full responsibility: Junior Paediatric and Neonatal Rotation; Senior Paediatric and Neonatal Rotation.
Contribution to: Medical Sciences Courses; Organ System Course.

b) Continuing Medical Education:

Hospital junior doctors’ training.
Hospital staff continuing medical education programme.
Emirates Medical Association sponsored CME Activities.

c) Post-Graduate:

Environmental Science MSc course.
Paediatric Residency Programme


The Department provides a wide range of services. These commitments include clinical contributions, postgraduate teaching, administration and professional support to the Ministry of Health. There is a strong commitment to medical publications, refereeing and review, health education and the provision of medical expertise at local and national level.


There is a shared commitment to both the Al Ain Hospital and Tawam Hospital. With the appointment of resident staff to Tawam there has been increased contribution from the Department in administration and patient care.

District expertise at sub-specialist level is provided in infectious diseases, clinical genetics/dysmorphology, respiratory disease, neurology and nephrology. District services are provided in neonatology, haematology/oncology and care of the handicapped. Overall, one third of all time of the Departmental staff is devoted to service.


Principal areas of Sub-Speciality:

Perinatology and Neonatalogy - Prof. AH Dawodu and Dr.YM Abdulrazzaq
Paediatric Infectious Disease - Dr. SA Uduman
Paediatric Neurology - Dr. L. Sztriha.
Developmental Paediatrics - Dr. GR Aithala
Dysmorphology - Dr. LI Al-Gazali.
Paediatric Nephrology - Dr. I Amirlak
Paediatric Cardiology - Dr. A P Kakadekar

Funded Research Grants:

‘Vitamin D and mineral status of UAE mother and their newborn infants’
‘Intrauterine growth patterns of UAE newly born infants′.
‘Congenital Toxoplasmosis’ - clinical follow up.
‘Pattern of Dysmorphic syndromes in the UAE’.
‘Frequency of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase phenotypes in the UAE’.


The Research Laboratory is now fully staffed. The technical staff are deployed in covering the wide range of research activities being carried out. These vary from cytogenetic studies in cancer to vitamin D metabolism in the newborn.

(last updated: 03-October-2002)

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