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Teaching the course of human anatomy to medical students aims that the students should:

1. Comprehend the anatomical terms, use them correctly and develop a positive approach to the subject.

2. Recognize anatomical structures correctly and comprehend the topographic anatomy of the regions of the upper & lower limbs, the thorax, abdomen, pelvis, perineum & head & neck by actual dissection & museum study.

3. Understand the classification of bones, their general features, structure, functions & the mechanism of displacement of bone fragments at the common sites of fractures.

4. Understand the important joints of the body, their movements & the muscles producing these movements.

5. Be able to identify different body organs, their form, shape and their relation to each other.

6. Be able to correlate the structural design of each organ to its function.

7. Acquire information about the different fascial planes in the different regions of the body & their surgical importance.

8. Understand the general plan of lymphatic drainage of the body & the regional lymph node where common malignant growth can spread.

9. Interpret the normal structural images of body organs as they appear in X-ray films & C.T scans and demonstrate by inspection, palpation & percussion important bony land marks, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves & viscera on the living body.

10. Acquire the up to date knowledge about the formation and development of the human embryo.

11. Have a basic knowledge of the congenital abnormalities, their aetiology and the mechanism of their development.

12. Be able to apply the anatomical and embryological information given with each part of the body for the interpretation of some medical and surgical problems (applied Anatomy).

13. Develop sufficient understanding of the subject to be able to pursue post-graduate studies, continue medical education and develop the habits of self-learning.

The course of the Anatomy is studied under the following categories

(last updated: 04-September-2002)

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