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General Description
Pathology is the science, which deals with the study of diseases. It is concerned with:

The causes of the disease or disorder.

The effects of the disease producing agents, (Upon the living human body). . The ultimate objective of physicians who study pathology is the prevention and cure of disease, but first they must study disease as an entity in itself because only in this way they start to discover mechanisms in the disease producing process.

The course of Pathology, spans the gap between the preclinical and clinical subjects. It has the great advantage of providing the student in early part of her hospital experience, with a basic knowledge of the diseases she is likely to encounter most often in the wards and clinics.

Objectives of the Course

The objectives of studying pathology are categorized as:

Ultimate and Terminal

Ultimate objectives are those to be achieved at the end of the 2nd year, while the terminal objectives are those connected with various parts of the pathology course.

Ultimate Objectives

The students will acquire good and up to date knowledge about the etiology and pathogenesis of different diseases in the human body.
The students will be capable of diagnosis of the different lesions in the different organs inside the human body both by the naked eye appearance and by microscopic examination of these lesions following every topic in the theoretical lectures.
The main objective is to lay a basis of knowledge about fundamental responses that are common to many disorders, when the student has mastered the basic responses she will find no difficulty in understanding special disorders in various systems of the body and consequently, she will be able to diagnose the different diseases easily in the clinical phase later on.

Terminal Objectives

These are divided into the following units:

Introduction to the study of pathology
General Pathology
3. Systemic or special pathology.

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