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The objectives of pharmacology course are classified as general and specific. General objectives are those to be fulfilled by the end of the course, while the specific one are those connected with various parts of the course.

General Objectives

Medical student will be taught pharmacology from the stand point of the actions uses and sides of drugs and in the prevention and treatment of diseases.
Medical student will be acquired the basic effect principles necessary for the rational use of drugs.
Medical student will be concerned with drug-related -toxicity due to oxedosage and How to manage.
Medical student will acquaint fairly good, updated knowledge of the discipline, and adequately trained on the self learning as well as problem solving procedures. So she can continuously update her knowledge and skills.
Medical student will be acquired the ability to apply her pharmacological knowledge in her practice medicine.
Medical student will be acquired the ability to apply internet available in the college to update their knowledge concerning the recent advances in Pharmacological sciences. The course is divided according to integrated teaching Programm into the following .

II Specific Objectives

These are subdivided into the following parts:

Parts I: Basic Pharmacology


Parts II: Clinical Pharmacology

This part deals with the effect of drugs in man.

Part III: Toxicology

This part deals with the adverse effects, abuse and misuse of drugs).

Part IV: Pharmacotherapeutics

This part is concerned with the use of drugs in the prevention and treatment of diseases by destroying or eliminating pathogens.

Part V: Experimental harmacology

This part is dealing with the effect of agonists and antagonists on different In-Vitro or In-Vivo preparations in experimental animals of various species.

Part IV: practical Pharmacology

This part is concerned with drug prescriptions and drug dispencing.

(last updated: 04-September-2002)

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