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General Description
Microbiology is the scientific study of living creatures, which are very small

and simple in structure and their medical importance. Medical students need

to learn the following most important aspects of microbiology in order to

diagnose and treat microbiological infections successfully.

* Pathogenesis :- The ways in which microorganisms produce disease in

the human body & essential information for diagnosis and treatment .

* Diagnosis :- Laboratory investigation depends on taking correct

specimens and being able to assess the results obtained from the lab.

* Treatment :- Microbiological disease is one of the first conditions in

medicine for which specific and highly effective therapy is available .

*Epidemiology :- The spread , distribution and prevalence of infection

in the community .

*Prevention :- Many bacterial and viral diseases have been virtually

eradicated by immunization , public health measures and improved

living standards .

The objectives of Microbiology course are categorized as main objective
and sub objectives.

The Main objectives are:-
The students will be acquainted with good & up dated knowledge at the end of the course which are carefully selected to help the student to understand the unique as well as:

Principles of sterilization and aseptic techniques.
The fundamental properties of microorganisms and their relationship to diseases. The Pathogenesis of these microorganisms, essential information for diagnosis and laboratory investigations, The various agents destroying microbes as antibiotics and the unfavourable side effects of their administration.
The Immunization schedules to protect against infectious diseases. As many bacterial diseases have been virtually eradicated by immunization, public health measures.
Also they will have good knowledge about the human immune system & mechanisms of cellular cooperation in the immune response, immunodeficiency diseases, transplantation and hypersensitivity.
The Student will acquire skills about:
Principles of sterilization and aseptic techniques.
Methods of specimen collection with special emphasize on the general precautions considered during collection and handling of the specimen.
The preparation and staining of different specimens by different stains.
Methods of isolation of micro-organisms and their identification.
The proper procedure of antibiotic sensitivity tests.
The proper procedure of some serological tests.

(last updated: 04-September-2002)

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