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General Description
The course of medical Parasitology consists of:

Lecturing program: 55 hours teaching lectures, distributed upon 2 semesters of the 2nd academic year. The first semester there are 35 lectures, and the second semester there are 20 lectures each 1-hour.
Practical attachment:- Students are going to have practical classes of total 20 hours, in both semesters arranged according to the syllabus each session 2 hours.
Teacher Centered Tutorial. A teacher chairs the sessions and relevant tropical problems are discussed.
Seminar: Elective Seminar: - Integrated Seminars are going to be chosen by students to presented and discussed together with other related department.

Objectives of medical Parasitology are classified into ultimate objectives which to be fulfilled by the end of the course and the sub objectives which to be conducted during the whole course to achieve the ultimate objectives.


The students will aquatint fairly good knowledge about tropical and subtropical problems, its impact upon health in UAE and the universe.
The students will recognize different clinical pictures of parasitic diseases in order to develop skills of differentiation between them.
Students are going to be adequately trained on selection of the diagnostic method in order to reach the final proper diagnosis within short time.
Students will have fair knowledge about the best drug of choice.
Students will develop the capacity of performing health education inconjunction with prevention and control of the diseases.

The Sub-Objectives

To achieve the ultimate objectives the following subobjectives are going to be categorized in units.

Unit 1- Definitions of Medical Parasitology

Unit 2- Modes of Transmission

Unit 3- Management

Unit 4 - Prevention and Control.

(last updated: 04-September-2002)

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