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General Description
The faculty of information, Mass Communication and public relations is seeking to disseminate the Communication Culture as communication plays a crucial role in the social and cultural life of the individual. Moreover it also seeks to develop this academic field as an essential requirement of development and growth in the U.A.E society.

It aims at improving the practice of Public Relations and social marketing as essential careers to establish, improve and reinforce the image of private, public service and governmental sectors in U.A.E. society.
The Mass Communication and Public Relations program seeks to prepare specialists capable of dealing constructively and innovatively with the challenges of the communication and information age with a view to serving the higher goals of the society as follows:

- Preparation of competent communicators eligible to function in all public and private establishments. The aim is to prepare specialists of high caliber to work in the press, publication and journalism firms as well as in the news & photographic agencies and in the information departments. The study plan also seeks to provide the student with considerable theoretical knowledge and practical skills to qualify him/her to function as press editor, translator and director in addition to other technical and administrative duties in the press, publication and printing establishments.

- Preparation of specialists to work in radio & T.V stations, program production firms, film producing news agencies as well as in the information departments in all kinds of public & private establishments. The study plan also seeks to furnish the candidates with considerable theoretical background & practical skills that qualify him / her to function as program producer, photographer, director, news editor, radio program producer in addition to other various technical & administrative tasks in radio & T.V establishments.

- According to the vision and philosophy of AUST concerning the cyber zone and the new world, it is a must to prepare public relations and social marketing specialists to be able to practice the virtual activities and to be able to understand the dynamics of social necessities of online communities, so the U.A.E. organizations can be effective in the cyberspace.

- Preparation of specialists eligible to function in the various public relations management of all kinds & forms and in the communication administrations in the same way. The study plan also seeks to provide the student with considerable theoretical knowledge and practical expertise that qualify her / him to cater for the needs of establishments to organize press campaigns, activities and relations with the media and consolidating internal & external channels of communication of the same nature by means of a group of specialized courses and interdisciplinary courses from related fields. In the light of the aforesaid objectives the Mass Communication & public Relations program aims at providing students with knowledge & skills in the following fields:

- To study communication as a psychological and social process and emphasize the role of media in the society particularly those aspects pertaining to the levels, channels and effects of communication.

- To study contemporary mass media theoretically & technically in such a way as to master the basic skills required to function in the conventional & electronic press, radio, TV and public relations.
- To study the writing styles for press, radio, TV, public relations, advertisement in both English & Arabic.
- To attain the relevant skills to use the equipment and devices used in journalistic, radio & TV production.

- To master the necessary procedures to use the multimedia equipment, programs & desk top publishing for mass communication & public relations.

- To conduct applied research on mass communication and public relations.

-To pursue planning of the campaigns in the fields of public relations, advertising, and social marketing through using the most sophisticated methods of planning.

The faculty offers a bachelor degree (B.A ) in Mass Communication & Public Relations.
(last updated: 20-April-2003)

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