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General Description
The mission of the Department is to:
Graduate well trained Computer Engineering students with the latest state of the art theoretical & hands-on experience.
Become a premiere academic research establishment concentrating on the practical rather than the purely theoretical.

The aim of the departmentís teaching program is to graduate engineers who are well prepared to start a successful engineering career. The program integrates skills acquired in a diverse set of courses to produce graduates who are able to:
Contribute to society and act as a focus and source of engineering expertise for local industry.
Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems related to their field by applying the knowledge gained from their college experience.
Design systems and software to meet desired specifications.
Function in multidisciplinary teams and communicate efficiently.
Understand the impact of engineering solutions on societies
Recognize the need for continual education.

The research program aims to establish the department as a strong contributor to the advancement of the fields of Computer Engineering. Of particular interest to the current staff of the department are the following areas:

Performance Analysis of a computer system.
Performance Improvement of certain highly mathematical algorithms.
Design and fabrication techniques for micro-electronic circuits.
Advancement of computer and processor architecture.
Improvement of computer generated speech through phonetics.
Techniques for improved speech recognition.
The curriculum offered by the Department of Computer Engineering consists of:

A thorough foundation in physical and mathematical sciences
A core of electronic and computer engineering courses
A number of up-to-date elective courses that meet the areaís dynamism and allow the student to concentrate on new options of computer engineering.

(last updated: 06-September-2002)

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