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General Description
The president of the FNC represents the Council in its contact with other organs and supervises all its activities. In addition, the president monitors the Committee of the Councilís Office, the FNCís Committees and the General Secretariat with due respect to the Law and Constitution.
Specifically the President of the FNC:
- presides the Councilís meetings, grants permission to speak, organizes the discussions, counts the votes and announces the Councilís decisions
- maintains order in the Council and possesses the exclusive right to ask the speaker to abide by the rule and subject of speech.
- Prepares the FNCís budget and final account and submits them to the Committee of the Councilís Office for revision to be later issued by the Council.
- Signs contracts in the name of the council.
- Exercises the powers delegated legally to the minister with respect to the employees and the budget of the FNC .
- Assigns the regulations of FNC visitors
- Nominates the delegations representing the FNC in parliament visits or invitations.
- Prepares the agenda of the FNC meetings and informs the members of the agenda at least 3 days before the meeting
- Signs the meetingís minutes with the right to delete any statement given by the members contrary to the regulations.
The first vice president substitutes the president of the FNC if he is absent. If the former is absent too, then the second vice president takes his place. In the absence of all those, the eldest member in the FNC presides.
Constitutional Framework
The Internal Regulation of the FNC organized the presidency of the Council.
Mode of Election
In its first meeting, the Federal National Council elects a president among its members. An absolute majority is required in the secret ballot. The president is elected for 2 years starting the date of the first meeting in which he was elected. His term also ends when the FNCís term expires or when it is dissolved according to article 88 of the constitution.
(last updated: 11-November-2002)

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