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General Description
The Section undertakes management of said central markets, and monitor the work inside them in all respects and it also follows up the commitment of traders and market employees towards the municipal ordinances. Therefore, the markets control section plays an assisting role, and facilitates markets trading activities in addition to providing all necessary services for them. In this framework, we mention the Fruit and Vegetable Whole Sale Market that was founded in 1993 according to supreme instructions. This market is given special attention by the Section since it occupies a significant position economically and commercially and plays an outstanding role in activating and developing import and export; further to being a prominent trading center which provides, in a large scale all local and international vegetable and fruit requirements that are imported to the market through sea and air ports as well as land inlets from various European, Asian, American & African States. These imports form self sufficiency for the countryís local needs, and the surplus is re-exported to neighboring states. This market represents also a centre for supplying the other markets and trading shops at all cities and regions. Based upon this, the Section plays an active and effective role in encouraging establishments, trading companies and businessmen to make investments in this market. The Section provides procedural guarantees and practical facilities that are considered optimum and unique such as providing premises with high specifications free of charge (rent or tax), securing the entry of goods through land, sea and airport facilities easily and without any delay, in addition to providing chilled stores with good equipment at nominal rent as compared with other countries .

In order to secure the above described state of affairs, permanently and continuously, the Markets Control Section carries out its duty on site through out 24 hours a day without interruption, to monitor the market activity closely, and forecast the trading movement therein moment by moment, provide the necessary services for traders and facilitate their trading business and dealings, secure the entry of goods to the market at any time during day or night as well as Official Holidays in conformity with the outstanding system applied in this market .

On the other hand and with the objective of maintaining the balance among the wholesale trader, retail merchant and normal consumer and preventing any monopolization, the Section carries out daily and accurate monitoring of the goods entering into the market, and watch the pricing of vegetables and fruits handled in the market as per data prepared by the Section, through which prices are compared to ensure non-exceeding of the maximum specified. The Section devotes care and attention to prevent tampering with the sizes of packages and boxes packed locally to protect the consumer, and provide food commodity having good quality and guaranteed to a great extent and with reasonable prices, within the reach of all, and free of any impurities or decay.

On the other hand, and at the Fish Markets of Abu Dhabi, Bani Yas, and Shahama, the Section oversees the open auctions carried out every morning for fish brought by suppliers directly from the sea. This process is controlled by certain specific conditions which the Section applies in a proper manner, and participating is restricted to the internal stall lessees in the Fish Market. The Section ensures also the fishermen′s refrainment from catching small fish which are in a growing stage. This type of fishing is absolutely prohibited, and every violator will be subject to legal interrogation. The Section monitors and inspects shops selling fishing accessories, to ensure that prohibitted fishing nets are not offered for sale according to the resolution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

This also applies to fishermen who arenít permitted to use the net called (Al Heeyali) in order to preserve the Fish Resources of the State within an integrated plan in order to develop this important wealth.
The Market Control Section was established in 1970.
(last updated: 24-October-2002)

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