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General Description
Participate in the discussions about the preparation of annual development programs with the competent departments.

Study and check the tender documents related to agricultural projects, radio and T.V. stations and networks - oil fields, irrigation networks, etc…

Open the tenders envelopes, and the departments and study the bids for the aforesaid projects, review recommendation of the follow-up reports submitted by the consultants in this regard and procure the necessary explanations to the Public Projects Committee until the project is awarded to the Contractor.

Peruse the monthly follow-up reports of the consultants about the execution status of each project until completion.

Review the memorandum incoming from the competent departments during the execution phase, regarding the variation orders, prolongation of the execution period or modification of prices or financial claims etc., and provide the Public Projects Committee with the necessary opinion or explanations.

Review memoranda incoming from the competent authorities regarding the final payments and study the reasons of delays, if any, and provide the Public Projects Committee with any necessary opinion or explanation.

Prepare the studies required by the Department regarding the execution of the annual development plans or future planning concerning the needs of the Emirate in certain fields as required.

Qualify the contractors, and chose the proper list of contractors to be invited to participate in the bid.

Qualify the Consultants, study their technical and financial offers, give opinion to the Public Projects Committee until a decision to appoint a consultant for a given project is passed.
(last updated: 30-May-2004)

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