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Contact Information
Tel: +2025011050, 5011374, 5011426
Fax: +2025011384
General Description
The company was established in 1960 and started its activities in 1964 to supply the needs of iron and steel companies with coke and its byproducts. Later the company expanded its activities into other products, and today its products are in France, Belgium, Spain, and England. It is considered the first to produce the carbon dioxide with high purity in the Middle East and Egypt. The company owns two unique units in Egypt and the Middle East for the production of Ammonium nitrate and the other for the production of Nitric acid. Its share in the international trade of coke amounts to 10%, as it exports coke and pure ammonium nitrate to Europe, USA, and Arab countries. The company is now working on obtaining the ISO 9002 certificate. The company owns two production lines for coke and two production lines for chemicals and ammonium sulphate, two plants for the production of Ammonium, Nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate 33.5%, oxygen and nitrogen (liquid), and Carbon dioxide. Besides, production units related to the strategic industries. The company′s major foreign clients are: Stahle Werke Bremen in Germany, SEPO in France, BOEL in Belgium, British Steel in United Kingdom, Al Fouladh in Tunisia, Elviemek and Belgo Minera. The company has agents in Greece, Jordan, North Africa, France, Belgium, Brazil, and Turkey. The company products are used in different sectors as the chemical industries, metallergical industries, food industry and pharmaceuticals,...etc. The company is well equipped and follows the most recent international technology. The company is keen on supplying the newly established units with recent technology in order to protect the environment and improving the production. The company is considered the biggest
Mode of Finance
Paid Up Capital 123 MLE
(last updated: 02-March-2003)

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