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  • General Trading & Chemicals Co.
    • President of the Commercial & Sales Department at the General Trading & Chemicals Co.    (Sharif Ahmad Al Attar)
    • President of Financial Department of the General Trading & Chemicals Co.    
General Description
The company is a relay of eight companies that were nationalized in 1961. The main ones are ICI, the Egyptian Company for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Green Company for Commercial Agencies. The General Trading & Chemicals Co. is one of the leading firms in the field of foreign trade as its main activity is to import and export. The company is also the representative of several reputable foreign companies. The company exports cotton yarns and textiles, towels, napkins, T-shirts, medical cotton, rice, beans, essential oils, leather products, urea fertilizer, paints, citrus, fresh fruits and vegetables, chemicals, canned food, aluminium and iron products, surgery requirements - e.g. syringes and gloves, furniture. The main markets for its exports are European, Middle East, and Far East Countries. It imports organic and inorganic chemicals, dyestuffs and pigments, chemicals and rubber, fiber, silk, solvents, metals and minerals, jute products, agricultural tractors accessories, consumer goods, kitchen tools, typewriters, scientific instruments, paper and wood, foodstuffs, building materials, touristic goods, hotel equipment, fertilizers, tanning materials, pesticides, tanning materials, veterinary products and food additives. The main markets for the imports of the company are European and South East Asian countries, in addition to some American suppliers.
Constitutional Framework
Government owned enterprises under Law 203
Mode of Finance
Paid Up Capital 50 MLE
5 millions Shares
(last updated: 18-March-2003)

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