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Contact Information
30 Misr-Helwan road, Maadi , Cairo, Egypt "Behind Maadi Sofitel Hotel"
Tel: +202 5256452
Fax: +202 5256490
General Description
The Principal Functions of the Agency Include:
. Formulating environmental policies.
. Preparing the necessary plans for Environmental protection and Environmental development projects, following up their implementation, and undertaking Pilot Projects.
. The Agency is the National Authority in charge of promoting environmental relations between Egypt and other States, as well as Regional and International Organizations.
For the Agency to realize its aims it has to undertake the following tasks:
. Preparing draft legislation and decrees related to the fulfillment of its objectives
. Preparing state of the environment studies and formulating the national plan for environmental protection and related projects.
. Setting the standards and conditions to which applicants for construction projects must adhere before working on the site and throughout operations
. Setting the rates and proportions required for the permissible limits of pollutants.
. Periodically collecting national and international data on the actual state of the environment and recording possible changes.
. Setting the principles and procedures for mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of projects.
. Preparing Environmental Contingency Plans and supervising their implementation.
. Participating in the preparation and implementation of the national and international Environmental
. Monitoring Programs and employing data and information gained thereof.
. Establishing Public Environmental Education Programs and assisting in their implementation.
. Coordinating with other empowered authorities for the control and safe handling of dangerous substances.
. Managing and supervising the natural reserves of Specially Protected Areas.
. Following up the implementation stages of International Conventions concerned with the environment.
. Suggesting an economic mechanism, which encourages the observation of pollution prevention procedures.
. Implementing pilot projects for the preservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment against pollution.
. Listing of national establishments and institutions, as well as experts qualified to participate in the preparation and implementation of environmental protection programs, and coordinating measures with the Ministry in charge of international Cooperation to ensure that projects funded by donor organizations and states are compatible with environmental safety.
. Participating in the preparation of an integrated national plan for the coastal zone management of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea areas.
. Participating in the preparation of a plan to prevent illegal entry into the country of dangerous and polluting substances and waste.
. Preparing an annual report on the state of the environment to be submitted to the President and the Cabinet of Ministers.
Constitutional Framework
In June 1997, the responsibility of Egypt′s first full time Minister of State for Environmental Affairs was assigned as stated in the Presidential Decree no.275/1997. From thereon, the new ministry has focused, in close collaboration with the national and international development partners, on defining environmental policies, setting priorities and implementing initiatives within a context of sustainable development.
According to the Law 4/1994 for the Protection of the Environment, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) was restructured with the new mandate to substitute the institution initially established in 1982. At the central level, EEAA represents the executive arm of the Ministry.
(last updated: 06-December-2002)

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