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Contact Information
Supreme Council of Universities, Cairo Universities BLDs., Giza, Egypt
Tel: (202)5728174 (202)5738530 (202)5728877
Fax: (202)5728174 (202)5728722
General Description
  • The Council fixes the general policy of the University education and scientific research in Universities, according to national objectives in social, economic, cultural and scientific development plans.

  • The Council coordinates university studies and academic degrees, teaching in corresponding faculties, institutes and departments of universities as well as university teaching posts.

  • Creation of fields of specialization of professorships, equivelance of foreign academic degrees, as well as coordination among faculty members in various Universities.

  • At the end of each academic year, the Council determines the number of students to be admitted in the forthcoming year in each faculty and puts the regulations for admission.

  • Within the framework of its responsibilities, the Council sets up the laws of the Universities, and approve the faculty regulations.

  • It gives comments on the government grants given annually to each University.

  • The Council also deals with relevant issues presented by the Ministry of Education or by any of the Universities.

  • Following up the implementation of its policies and regulations in the universities.

  • Sets the regulations of the evaluation and development of the higher education.

  • Sets up the framework of technical, financial, and administrative regulations of the special units and researches in the universities.

  • History
    Founded in 1950 as a Royal decree no. 496 was issued to establish a council of the Universities.

    Several decrees were issued since then to reorganize the Egyptian Universities and establish the Supreme Council of Universities. This decree is applicable in the following Egyptian Universities except AlAzhar University, the AUC in Cairo, and the private universities.

    1954: Presidential decree no. 508

    1956: decree no. 345

    1958: presidential decree no. 184

    Related are the following universities:

  • Cairo University (1908)

  • Alexandria University (1942)

  • Ainshams University (1950)

  • Assiut University (1957)

  • Tanta University (1972)

  • Mansoura University (1972)

  • Zagazig University (1974)

  • Helwan University (1975)

  • Minia University (1976)

  • Menofia University (1976)

  • Suez University (1976)

  • Janoub Elwady University (1994)

  • Constitutional Framework
    Royal decree no. 496

    1954: Presidential decree no. 508

    1956: decree no. 345

    1958: presidential decree no. 184

    Mode of Election
    This Council is headed by the Minister of Education and consists of all the Universities presidents, vice presidents, a university staff from each university, five members are chosen from outside the Universities experienced in higher Education and the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities.
    (last updated: 27-August-2003)

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