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Contact Information
Headquarters: 313 Port Said Street- Sayyeda Zeinab- Cairo
Tel: +202-3909237
General Description
The ideological framework of this party was a mixture of Islamist, socialist and nationalist trends.
At its launch, the party advocated the principles of Arab unity, social justice, national economic promotion etc… The principle platform of the party’s agenda included items such as, opposition to the Camp David Treaty, support to pan-arabism, and strengthening of the Arab League.
In the middle of the 80’s, the party adopted “Islamic Sharia” as the main source of legislation for its members. The latter, called for the amendment of the constitution to emphasize Egypt’s Arab Islamic identity.
The party attacked policies adopted by the government, especially those related to corruption, American hegemony and Egypt’s relations with Israel. It also criticized all restrictions on freedom of expression, freedom of press, and creation of political parties. It also opposed terrorism and all forms of violence.
The socialist labour party was founded by Ibrahim Shukri in 1978.
At its launch, the socialist labour party was designated to constitute a loyalist opposition to Sadat’s government. The party was born due to an agreement between the president and Shukri to form a socialist opposition party acceptable to the state.
The new party is considered as a continuation of the Misr socialist party also led by Shukri until 1953.
However, the party announced later its independence from the government, opposing its policies especially those with regard to the Camp David treaty. Nevertheless, the party did not represent then a cogent, let alone weighty, political force.
In 1985, the arrival of Adel Hussein a Marxist-turned-Islamist marked a very important turn in the Party’s life. It was the beginning of its conversion to Islamism: socialism was dropped from both its mottos and name. In 1987, the Labour Party forged a coalition with the Muslim Brotherhood.
This conversion led to internal conflicts and divisions within the party, many members left the Party, most of whom were Nasserists.
The party adopted a very hard-line towards the power specifically through its mouthpiece “Al Sha’ab”, a position that led to confrontation with the Power and repression of its members.
Constitutional Framework
Committee of Party Affairs Shoura Council: law n°. 40 of 1977 regulating the formation of political parties.
Mode of Election
(Election of the secretary general): After the death of Adel Hussein on the 16th of March 2001, the executive committee elected Magdi Hussein as the new party’s Secretary General.
Mode of Finance
According to officials, the party was mainly funded from membership subscriptions in addition to annual grant paid by the Shura Coucil.
(last updated: 29-August-2002)

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