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General Description
The Nasserist Democratic Arab Party’s platform is based on Nasserian ideology. Its main goals are to revive and update Nasser’s ideas. From its leaders’ prospective, problems that face Egypt and the Arab world currently are not any different from the ones during Nasser’s regime; therefore, Nasserist principles and positions remain the reference of its members. The Nasserist stressed on the importance of economical self-reliance and the necessity of maintaining control over national resources. It also worked toward economical and social change for progress and development.
The party also confirms Arab unity and the importance of keeping strong tights of relations between the Arab states. It affirms a non-alignment position that assures the independence of Egypt and the Arab world by defending and liberating national will especially from the United States’ interference in national affairs. It also firmly rejects “American hegemony” over the United Nations and remains strongly opposed to Camp David Treaty and the normalization of relations with Israel.
A trend within the party now advocates closer ties with the Islamists.
The Nasserist party was founded in 1992. Its formation preceded the end of a decade of legal battles in the early 80’s. Where Kamal Ahmed and then Farid Abdel Karim, (both Nasserist’ s militants) engaged in a separate battle for the foundation of a party that would keep alive Nasser’s ideology. Their attempt was turned down by the political parties Committee and other juridical and administrative institutions.
The party took birth only in April 1992 when PP Tribunal approved the formation of the Nasserist party after a legal battle led by Diyaeddine Dawoud. He was elected chairman of the new born party to which Farid abdel Karim and his supporters joined. However, soon a struggle for leadership ensued leading to internal divisions within the Party. It also torn “generation divisions” especially between “old guards” and younger people.
Constitutional Framework
Committee of Party Affairs Shoura Council: law n°. 40 of 1977 regulating the formation of political parties.
Mode of Finance
The party financed its activities with interest accruing from deposit bank accounts registered as loans from party officials in addition to the annual grant of the Shura Coucil and membership fees.
(last updated: 30-August-2003)

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