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Contact Information
P. O. Box 2469 Amman 11191 Jordan Ab Hamad Al. Gazali Street Opposite Arab Bank Shmesani. Amman . Jordan
Tel: 00 962 6 5666172/5
Fax: 00 962 6 5668264
Jordan, being located on the 386 KM borders with historical Palestine, had received the greatest number of Palestinians during the two Arab Israeli wars of 1948 and 1967. Accordingly, Jordan had to shape its potentials and organisations to shelter the flowing masses of refugees. Over the past 52 years, Jordan provided land to shelter the refugees till a just and comprehensive solution is agreed upon. Aid and relief were ensured hand in hand with UNRWA services to Palestinian Refugees. Most importantly, Jordan endowed most of the Palestinian refugees with the legal stability by giving them the Jordanian Nationality. This has facilitated the integration of Palestinian Refugees in Jordan, they are granted easy entry to govermental provided services in the Kingdom. In turn, registered refugees in UNRWA′s records of the 1948 war are always ensured the health and education services of UNRWA . Refugee camps and services of both UNRWA and the DPA continue to be the witnesses for 52 years of refugee.
Constitutional Framework
° To monitor, study and analyze the issues relating to the Palestinian affairs in and outside the Occupied Palestinian Territories through the Studies Directorate.
To Follow up the Palestinian affairs in the Arab, Islamic and international scenes through the Information and Fundraising Directorate.
°To arrange for UNRWA′S contacts with the ministries and government departments through Directorate of Refugees and Directorate of Information.
°To Coordinate work with UNRWA in connection with general relief services in accordance with the agreement concluded between the Government and UNRWA in this respect. This involves the supervision of DPA′s offices on the affairs of refugees and displaced in the camps. These offices facilitate the daily affairs and extend general services to the beneficiaries in the camps. The DPA currently has five offices:
A.óThe Capital and Madaba governorates Offices which supervises Amman New Camp (Wihdat), Al-Hussein, Al-Nasser (Hay el Amir Hassan), Al-Talbiyeh and Madaba camps.
B.Zarqa Governorate Office which supervises the camps of Hitteen, Zarqa and Sukhneh.
C.Balka Governorate Office which supervises the camps of Baqa′a.
D.Jerash Governorate Office which supervises the camps in Jerash and Souf.
E.Irbid Governorate Office which supervises the camps of (Martyr) Azmi-Al-Mufti and Irbid.
° To Distribute rations to the displaced- this service was halted end of 1999.
° To process the applications submitted by Palestinians from the Occupied Territories relating to governmental departments, public or institutions, and to coordinate with the concerned authorities for handling such issues. Moreover, to coordinate with the concerned ministries and departments of the displacement of people via Bridges, and facilitate the issuing of a residency permission during the stay in Jordan. These applications are processed by the Directorate of Palestine at the DPA.
° To coordinate through the Directorate of Palestine with the concerned ministries and departments regarding the organization of the entry of agricultural and industrial products from the Occupied Palestinian Territories into the Kingdom, and to specify the quantities allowed to be entered.
On 5-3-1998, the Premier issued Communiqué No. (6) stipulated that the DPA shall Participate in high-level official Jordanian-Palestinian Conventions and meetings with the purpose of setting up the "Palestinian File" in a continuous form. In this concern, a DPA representative shall take part in the bilateral meetings to be held by the two sides. The Department will follow-up the results of all meetings, and will provide the Country′s departments with beneficial help and information about issues pertaining to the Jordanian-Palestinian relations.
(last updated: 20-March-2002)

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