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Through its highly qualified and experienced personnel as well as the availability of modern and sophisticated materials and instruments, the RJGC undertakes the following:
Establishment of geodetic and/or precise leveling networks, and preparation of ground control points for aerial photography, aerial triangulation and space images.
Aerial Photography at any scale for topographic map production as well as for project studies and planning.
Execution of projects using Geographic Information system (GIS) and Remote Sensing techniques, in a wide range of applications such as : water resources, geology, land use classification, agriculture, geomorphology, sliding areas, dam locations, land suitability, desertification, hydrology, environmental monitoring, digital elevation models, mapping and up-dating of cartographic maps, planning, researches, etc.
Digital production from existing maps, films, aerial photographs, satellite imagery and GPS (Global Positioning System).
Production of topographic, thematic and specialized maps.
Interpretation of aerial photographs for different uses.
Publishing atlases (hydrological, historical,scholastic ...).
Field Survey.
The Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (R.J.G.C.), the sole map production public institution in Jordan, was established in 1975 and is considered to be one of the first Arab institutes specialized in the field of land survey and aerial survey. Its main responsibility is to satisfy the Kingdom′s needs in these fields and to provide such services to Arab Countries that don′t have similar institution.
(last updated: 30-September-2002)

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