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In early 1921, Prince Abdullah formed an order keeping force that he personally led. The force consisted of:
°Stationary Gendarmerie force comprising 400 soldiers.
°Reserve Gendarmerie force comprising 400 horsemen.
°Regular Battalion comprising 200 soldiers.
°Camel Corp comprising 100 men.

This force was responsible for maintaining public order and curbing all attempts against it.

°In 1922, the Public Security forces were formed in accordance with the following administrative divisions:
Ajloun area. Balqa area. Karak area.

°In 1923, the newly established Public Security Forces were incorporated into the Armed Forces, which became known as the Arab Legion.
°In 1926, a force of policemen and gendarmerie were entrusted to maintain the internal security of the country.
°In 1927, the following formations where incorporated into the army: Urban Police, Suburban Police and Prison Authorities.
°In 1931, the first Police Station run by the Badiya (desert) force was established in the Bayer area. Ninety officers manned the station.
°In 1956, Public Security was made independent of the army in accordance with statute number 27. Brigadier General Bahjat Tabara was named to head the new force.
°In 1957, and due to prevalent political and security considerations, Public Security was reincorporated into the army.
°Finally, 1958, is considered the year in which the Public Security was to become an independent legal entity reporting to the Ministry of Interior.
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