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The inspiration behind the Free Zones is that it is one of the State tools in development through the allocation of specific geographical sites or areas where special laws and regulations are applied different than those applied in the remaining part of the State and characterized by exemptions and facilities that qualify them to become an investment attraction areas for the development of export industries, international trade exchanges and transit trade.
The Objectives of The Free Zones Corporation:
-Attracting local and foreign capitals and employing them in the country in the various investment activities.
-Introducing technology and technical skills in to the Kingdom.
-Employment of the local savings and investing them in industry, trade and various economic activities established in the free zones.
-Activating the transport sectors and other services.
-Providing work opportunities for Jordanians and enhancing their skills.
-Devoloping new areas in the Kingdom through the establishment of the investment projects.
-Encouraging export industries and activating the transit trade.
-Promoting the unique role of the private sector in establishing private and joint free zones which use local raw materials in production inputs.
-Supporting the national economey with hard currency tp bolster the Balance of Payments.
-Strengthening the upstream amd downstream links of the commodity and service production sectors in the free zones with their production complement in the multi-various economic activities in the kingdom so as to develop the national economy.
the Free Zones in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan began in 1973, where a small Free Zone was established at Aqaba Port to develop the international trade exchanges and serve the transit trade. When this experience proved its feasibility, the Government took the initiative in 1976 by establishing the Free Zones Corporation as an independent governmental corporation to undertake the expansion in establishing and developing free zones as well as placing them in the service of the national economy.
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