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The Supreme Council has been by the Constitution of 1952.
Constitutional Framework
The Constitution of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Article 57 The High Tribunal shall consist of the Speaker of the Senate as President and eight members, three of whom shall be selected by ballot by the Senate from amongst its members and five members to be selected from amongst the judges of the highest Civil Court in order of seniority. In case of necessity, the number shall be completed from the presidents of the lower courts, also in order of seniority.
Article 58 The High Tribunal shall apply the provisions of the Penal Code in force in respect of offences specified therein. A special law shall specify the offences for which Ministers shall be responsible in cases where such offences are not covered by the Penal Code.
Article 59 * Judgements shall be given by the High Tribunal by a majority of six votes.* As amended in the Official Gazette No. 1380 of 4/5/1958.
Article 60 The High Tribunal shall make its own Rules of Procedure for the trial of Ministers, pending the enactment of a special law for this purpose.
Article 61 A Minister who is impeached by the Chamber of Deputies shall be suspended from office until his case is determined by the High Tribunal. His resignation shall not prevent the institution of criminal proceedings against him, or the continuance of his trial.
Article 122 The High Tribunal provided for in Article (57) shall have the right to interpret the provisions of the Constitution if so requested either by virtue of a decision of the Council of Ministers or by a resolution taken by the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies passed by absolute majority. Such interpretation shall be implemented upon its publication in the Official Gazette.
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