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Contact Information
Amman, Abdali, behind Ministry of Industry and Trade, P.O.Box 925310 Amman
Tel: 962 6 569 6985
General Description
The Political orientation of the party:
1/The practical application of Islamic Sharia.
2/ Contribution to the moral and material building of the Umma(Muslim Community or Nation).
3/ Working for the unity of the Umma.
4/Consolidation of national unity.
5/Take more attention to people′s daily life affairs.

For The Parliamentary elections of 2003 The Front will be participated with 30 elected representatives, including one woman , they are representing as follow
7 representitives for Amman, 8 for Irbid, 3 for Balqaa, 4 for Kerak, 5 for Zarqaa , one for each of Mafreq, Aqaba and Jerash.
The Islamic Action Front dismissed 5 of its members because they have been representing to the Parliamentary elections out of the agreed list by the Front, one of them is Mr. Abu Zanat, who is one of the leaders of Moslem Beothers.
The party was founded in December 8, 1992
(last updated: 27-June-2003)

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