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Contact Information
Amman – sports city – flyover – lawzi building. P.O.Box:8277 Amman 11121
Tel: 5153069
Fax: 5697074
General Description
it is a political national Jordanian party which works on organizing the sons of the home who are willing to express their political economical cultural and educational opinions and thoughts and what concerns their existence, their present and their future within one national texture reading the participation in the public life, and representing the powers belonging to it in the legislative and executive councils and working to achieve the ideal life for the Jordanian citizen, which will protect its private and public freedom, and realizes justice and equality and provides equal opportunities and maintains his rights in his loyalty, belonging, knowledge and action an faithful committed national bases and principles and which are committed to the constitution and the organizing laws. Which prevents skipping the supreme nations interest and becoming strong by organized construction on a sectarian, factional, racial tribal, social class or ethnic basis.

And for the stabling of the dements of the democratic cavity society which entertains the respect and the appreciation in the various Arabic, regional and international assemblies.

The party is a national foundation committed to constitution, the charter and the law of parties and it works on organizing the Jordanian citizen within his principles and supreme interest.
Party Objectives:
1. realizing the existence of the Jordanian citizen as a center for giving and as target for the ruling.
2. highlighting the value of the land as a permanent origin for the human Jordanian existence a home a source and an origin for survival.
3. the embodiment of freedom as a concept and a target and a means for responsible participation in building the strong Jordanian country.
4. originating the loyalty to God. The home and the king by maintaining the national acquisitions and evaluating their achievement, and developing their various outputs.
5. rooting the belongingness to Jordan through proper methods and real programs which deepen the feeling of the Jordanian man towards his land home, political system and his Arabic, Islamic and human identity.
6. A Realizing social justice on the basis of equity and respect among all classes and achieving equal opportunities priciple and promoting the role of ability and proficiency for the Jordanian society members.
7. Working to refer to “the law” as the “only master” and the decisive reference in the rights of the individuals, their duties and commitments.
8. reaching the parliament representing a civil free society.
9. Respecting the political multiplicity and working to establish it
The resalah party was founded on the thirty first of December 2003
(last updated: 26-April-2006)

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