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  • Center for Arab Unity Studies
    • Member of The Board of Trustees of Center for Arab Unity Studies    (32  Cv′s available)
    • Executive Committee of Center for Arab Unity Studies    
    • General Manager of Center for Arab Unity Studies    
Contact Information
Centre For Arab Unity Studies Lyon Street - Sadat Tower Bldg .P.O.Box : Hamra Beirut 1103 2090 Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 869164/801582/801587
Fax: +961 1 8655487
General Description
In pursuing its activity, the Centre observes certain principles originally outlined in the Beirut declaration as follows:

- The unification of the Arab world is not only a multifaceted process but is necessarily a multiphased process as well, with political unification possible only as its final culmination. Therefore, it is important to proceed according to clearly-perceived priorities and stages, setting in motion a gradual and continuous process which will not be interrupted or halted by setbacks or temporary crises.

- The contemporary experiences of regions outside the Arab world striving to achieve unity can serve as a useful guide to Arab efforts. Such experiences warrant careful study and analysis as a means of providing a more thorough understanding of the concept of unity.

- The objectives of the Centre require that it address itself to all age groups, classes and categories of Arab society in the appropriate form and style.

- Every effort should be made to extend participation in the Centre′s activities to include the largest possible number of intellectuals and specialists from all Arab countries and in all fields.

- The identity of contributors to the Centre′s activities is subject to no preconditions apart from the requirement that they believe firmly in Arab unity, whatever other beliefs and opinions they may hold. The Centre represents a forum for free dialogue in which there is room for a full range of opinions.

- None of the studies, research or seminars conducted by the Centre nor any of its other activities shall deal with current political conditions in the Arab world. Furthermore, the Centre shall not : adopt any directly political positions, engage in any political activity, enter into any political disputes or conflicts, associate itself with any government, support any regime, enter into any political alliances or join any fronts.

- In financing its activities, the Centre relies on donations and material assistance from Governments, institutions and individuals in the Arab world that manifest the desire to provide such assistance without imposing any conditions or restrictions on the activity, objectives or philosophy of the Centre.
The Center was founded in 1975
(last updated: 17-June-2003)

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