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Contact Information
Charles Malek Avenue Zen Bldg. 8th Floor Achrafieh, Saint-Nicolas Beirut
Tel: +961-1-33 90 12
Fax: +961-1-33 86 98
General Description
Fondation Saradar is dedicated to strengthening social cohesion and to promoting sustainable human development in order to achieve a “society for all”, founded on social equity, economic prosperity and environmental protection. Its action is based on citizen participation and on effective partnership between the business sector and civil society in confronting today’s challenges.

Our Objectives:

Fondation Saradar aims at facilitating the access to:
-Education and Health Care
-Information and Culture
-Specialized Training and Capacity-Building


The activities of Fondation Saradar include the following programmes:

1.Assistance & Solidarity This initiative, started in 1962 with Joe Saradar, has expanded over the years, to reach a broad range of individuals and civil society organizations alike.
Through the Access to Education and Health Programme (AEHP), the foundation provides financial grants to disadvantaged persons thus facilitating their access to:

-health care and best medical treatment for those not covered by the social security fund;

-education (scholarships), at a time when school and university tuitions are becoming prohibitively expensive.


Through the Access to Information and Training Programme (AITP), the foundation provides underprivileged social groups the right to access information and the opportunity to build and develop specific skills. In July 2002, it launched the ‘Saradar IT Programme’, a mobile computer school with the objective to introduce the world of information technology to communities who do not have access to computers and the Internet because of income, education or location (For more details, please consult our website.)

FONDATION SARADAR is a non-profit organization1 established by the Saradar family to provide financial assistance to active and retired members of Groupe Saradar.

This initial mission evolved significantly in 2001: at the initiative of Mario Saradar, the foundation expanded its field of action to respond to the needs of the Lebanese society continuously confronted with new social, economic cultural and technological changes.

The creation of this institution comes in line with the spirit of solidarity set by Joe Saradar who was Chairman and General Manager of Banque Saradar from 1962 to 1992.
By providing a legal framework to pursue the initiative started by Joe Saradar, Mario Saradar is committed to ensure its continuity and to favor the values of solidarity and humanism that were his father’s.
Constitutional Framework
Fondation Saradar is managed by a General Assembly of eight persons who define the strategy and set the priorities of the organization.
An Executive Committee, elected for a three-year mandate, oversees the management of the foundation and meets on monthly basis to discuss ongoing issues and resources.
(last updated: 02-June-2008)

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