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SyrianAir’s main aim is to contribute in an effective way to the support of the growing economic upturn in the Syrian Arab Republic.
This aim is achieved by following the objectives that the company has placed on transporting passengers (Syrian and International), cargo and post, along with improving services in a number of areas such as receiving, transferring and catering.
By providing services of the highest quality to the Arab and International airlines, SyrianAir can guarantee the utilization of its all its resources, which in turn leads to the goal of every company, making a profit.
In order to maximize profitability, SyrianAir has placed the following objectives.
1. Full utilization of the current and new fleets.
2. Full utilization of the ground tools and equipment serving the fleet of SyrianAir along with Arab and International airlines.
3. Full utilization of human resources that are currently present and those who would join the company after receiving training to serve the old and new fleets.
4. Enhancing the qualifications of all employees, especially those in the technical and specialized areas, by sending them on training courses abroad to help them carry out the responsibilities assigned to them in accordance with the planned production increase.
5. Improving the ground tools and equipment and increasing them to accommodate the needs of SyrianAir along with Arab and International aircraft that land at Damascus International Airport. This also includes the provision of such services at Aleppo and Latakia International airports.
6. Automating all possible processes within the company using computing and implementing the plans required for keeping in line with the most advanced airlines from around the world. Such plans are related to improving response times for actions on customer requests. These plans would also enable SyrianAir to place economic studies for choosing the best flight routes and type of aircraft according to the available resources.
7. Improving all types of services, especially those that are provided onboard the aircraft at Damascus International Airport to satisfy passenger requirements. Such services include catering, which could be sold to International airlines, thus increasing sales.
8. Continuously signing agreements necessary for opening new flight routes.
9. Equipping the work force with the latest skills in order to enable them to face the challenges provided by new aircraft and improve the work and services carried out within SyrianAir. This should lead to overcoming the problems faced by the company in the past and help achieve the production plan.
Syrian Arab Airlines (SyrianAir) was established during the autumn of 1946, with its first internal and external flights carried out using helicopters. With the dawn of the Syrian Revolution, which took place on the 8th of May 1963, SyrianAir had joined the jet age by acquiring four Super-Caravel jet-engine planes.
The beginning of the Correction Movement, led by the late president Hafez Al-Assad, saw SyrianAir in pace with most major airlines from around the world. This era saw the airline fleet expanding to include new 747-SP Jumbo jets and 727-200 aircraft from Boeing as well as the Russian built TU-154.
The latest addition to the fleet has been six new A320 jets from Airbus of France. SyrianAir currently serves 42 cities in three continents, namely: Europe – Asia – Africa.
(last updated: 17-May-2004)

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