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Contact Information
Damascus Chamber of Industry Damascus - Syria P.O. Box: 1305
Tel: +963 11 2215042
Fax: +963 11 2245981
General Description
Chamberís Objectives:

Representation of the common business interests of existing industrialists and existing industries.
Rendering such services that would conduce to improving material and professional situations.
Proposition of such arrangements that would enlarge the scope of industry.
Facilitation and coordination of relations between the authorities and industrialists.
Cooperation with the authorities in all that is related to the regulation of industry.
Cooperation with the Industrial Bank and with the banking authorities.
Provision of experience required by the authorities and law courts on industrial issues and on industrial terminology and established usage.
Preparation of studies and researches in industrial fields.
Studying the status of industrial sectors and following up their development and progress.
Setting up and administrating such institutions that would serve industry.
Collaboration with economic bodies and with chambers and industrial unions in Arab countries.
Supporting the endeavors of chambers, industrial unions and economic bodies in friendly countries.
Undertaking mediation and arbitration in the disputes which are referred to the Chamber by industrialists, or in such disputes that are relevant to industrial issues.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Chamber does the following:

Holding records for member industrialists and undertaking the correspondence necessary for its work.
Registrating the contracts of industrial companies as well as all contracts of all industrialists which the two sides wish to be testified by the Chamber.
Attesting the signatures of member industrialists as well as the papers and documents issued by them.

Certifying the solvency of member industrialists and the degree of such solvency.
Issuing certificates of origin for industrial products which are fully or partially manufactured in industrial enterprises in Syria or abroad.
Certifying the status and identity of member industrialists.
Entering the names of those industrialists who become bankrupt in a special register.
Preparing different economic studies and issuing the publications which are determined by the Chamber itself and which are related to industry and to economic topics.
Answering the inquiries of industrialists, official departments and law courts.
Undertaking arbitration requested by industrialists and disputants, in industrial and economic disputes or as is stated in the contracts.
Participating in the upper committee for export, import and consumption rationalization presided over by the Prime Minster.

Constitutional Framework
The Damascus Chamber of Industry is an organization of Public utility. It is subject to the provisions of law No. 133 for 1938 and amendments, which organize chambers of commerce and industry, as is defined in the managerial regulation law. It comprises different industrialists from both public and private sectors. However, it has a connection of coordination with the Ministry of Industry.

(last updated: 27-March-2004)

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