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An important part of AMANís strategy for combating corruption is not limited to local initiatives/activities but includes AMANís involvement in activities on international and regional levels. One of AMANís main objectives under programme Capacity Building was the completion of TIís accreditation process to become Transparency Palestine. The Coalition of AMAN is currently the Palestinian National Chapter for Transparency International (TI), and is acting as the contact organization for regional transparency chapters, and other similar organizations working in the areas of transparency, accountability, and integrity. Other AMAN activities include active participation of its members in TIís Annual General Meetings and regional meetings for the past four years. These members have also presented papers at these global meeting on issues pertaining to Palestinian corruption. Currently, AMAN is actively participating in the network for the Middle East and Near Africa (MENA) to make an Arabic adaptation to TIís Sourcebook and efforts on the Publicís Right to Access of Information. AMAN is also preparing to complete the ďInput FormĒ for TIís Global Corruption Report 2006.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives. Medium Term (2 years) :

To promote the values of Integrity and systems of transparency and accountability among various sectors of the Palestinian Society.
To promote ethics and professional standards in services provided by Public Sector Organizations
To ensure that the Media independency and competency in the fight against corruption has measurably enhanced
To ensure that the capacity of Public Sector institutions in providing timely Objective information about their activities to the public is measurably enhanced.
To promote and advocate legislation governing the separation of powers between legislative, judicial and executive bodies in the Palestinian Public sector.
Strategic Objectives. Medium Term (3 years)

∑ To expand and upgrade AMANís institutional and operational capacity to adhere effectively to its program and responsibilities.

∑ To enhance and promote AMANís relations and partnerships with various similar and related institutions at the local, regional and international levels.
Based on a principled commitment to the objectives of ensuring integrity, transparency and accountability, in response to the pressing need for enhancing and fostering democracy and a system of good governance in Palestine, and as an embodiment of these principles which form essential components of democracy, a group of concerned and serious Palestinian institutions of civil society took the initiative in February 2000 to form "The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity-AMAN." The purpose for such an initiative is to launch a program for combating corruption in the Palestinian Society, and achieve the widest possible participation in its implementation. Representatives of the founding institutions collectively comprise the executive body of the Coalition with the possibility of further additions according to need.

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