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Contact Information
Al-Bereh, Selwadi building, Office (4) B.O.Box: 4145
Tel: 02-6973042
Fax: 02-6973042
General Description
PCU is a professional, economic and social entity which is represented by the total number of local contractors registered and classified at the PCU.

The PCU aims at organizing of the practice of the construction contracting profession in Palestine and abroad. The PCU also plays an efficient role in the national economic development.

The objectives adopted by the PCU are as follows

Organize the practice of the construction contracting profession and enhance its status by whatever means it deems appropriate.

Liaze with competent authorities to improve the methods and tools of project planning, invitation for bids, draw up and sign contracts and specify the terms and conditions of the implementation of the construction works stated in such contracts.

Encourage the investment of capitals in the installation of industries subsidiary to the construction contracting projects and support the services necessary for the growth and progress of such projects.

Cooperate with competent authorities as regards matters pertaining to construction contracting projects, including the extension of the construction contracts, solving of professional disputes related to the design, supervision and development of the technical and professional aspects of construction contracting.

Defend the interests and good the PCU members, maintain the tradition and honor related to practicing construction contracting profession and assist in solving the disputes arising between and among members.

Develop the national constructions sector, consolidate its contribution to the Palestinian economy and protect the national construction contracting projects against the risks of illegitimate competition.

Represent the construction sector before and in directorships of Arab, regional and international bodies and institutions.
Upon the signing of the Oslo Agreements, the rise of Palestinian People’s expectations and the activities noticed in the construction sector, it has been urgent to form a syndical entity that shall represent the Palestinian contractors and be effective to promote, consolidate and organize the construction contracting profession. As a result of the efforts paid and shared by the Secretariat-General of the General Union of the Palestinian Engineers and a number of Palestinian contractors inside and outside Palestine, the Palestinian Contractors’ Union (PCU) was established on June 1, 1994 as a culmination of the meeting held in Tunisia on May 30 - June 1, 1994 under the sponsorship of His Excellency, President Yasser Arafat. Thereupon, it has been stipulated that Jerusalem shall be the chief seat of the PCU. Further, the Union shall have two main branches, one of which shall be situated in the West Bank, and the other in the the Gaza Strip. The PCU is entitled to inaugurate additional centers and branches in the other Palestinian cities pursuant to decisions to be taken by the PCU Board of Directors.
Power Limitation
The PCU enjoys the legal personality and administrative and financial independence. In such capacity, the PCU shall have the right to bring into its possession necessary movables and immovable to accomplish its ends and objectives. Further, the PCU is entitled to sue and be sued at law before Courts, and retain any attorney to initiate judicial and legal proceedings.
(last updated: 10-December-2005)

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