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Constitutional Framework
Decree No. (266) in 2006 for the establishment of the Central Body of information technology

Having examined the Constitution.

And Decree Law No. 15 of 1979 on the Civil Service, as amended.

And Decree Law No. (116) for 1992 on the administrative organization and the terms of reference and powers it.

And to the Decree of 7 AH to 1399 AH April 4, 1979 in the Civil Service and decrees amended.

And Decree No. (195) in 2006 to the formation of the ministry. - Based on the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs.

And after The Council of Ministers approval.

Charted the following:

Article (1)

A central body called the (Central body for Information Technology) to the Minister of State for The Council of Ministers Affairs.

Article (2)

Regard to the following:

Plans and information technology policies at the national level and adoption by the Council of Ministers.

Supervision of the implementation of the plan and e-government projects in coordination with ministries and government bodies.

Coordinating all the work plans of the development of information technology among government bodies.

The development and management methodologies and standards and patterns for the systems and devices and information technology services.
The establishment and management of electronic gateway official of the State.

Professional training cadres working in the field of industry and technology in the country and the development of capabilities in this area.
Public awareness of information technology and its uses for all segments of society.

Study it in the technical and financial needs for information technology projects in the governmental bodies in coordination with other stakeholders.

Article (3)

Have a board of directors headed by the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and the membership of each :

The director general.

A representative of each of the following :
The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

The Ministry of Communications.

The Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.

Ministry of Finance.

Fatwa and Legislation Department.

Civil Service Bureau.

Public Authority for Civil Information.
Grade was not all of them by the Assistant Deputy Minister or the equivalent.

Two of the private sector with experience and competence in the field of information technology and be appointed by the Council of Ministers for a period of three years, subject to renewal.

Article (4)

The Board′s policy-making body has in particular:

Adoption of the draft budget, and the draft final statement of account of the body before they are submitted to the competent authorities.

Approval of the annual report on the work of the year.

To express an opinion on draft laws and regulations and decisions for information technology.

A list showing the necessary procedures and rules of the Council and the majority required for the health conference and issuing decisions and judgments on the effectiveness of these decisions,, as well as rules to be followed in the management of the affairs of the financial and administrative rules and the appointment of personnel and in accordance with the applicable legislation of the State, in coordination with the concerned regulatory bodies.
Article (5)

The director general of the Department of no less than Undersecretary of the Ministry, it may be a deputy or more degree and Assistant Deputy Minister issued a decree on the appointment, the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, The Director-General is responsible for the conduct of administrative, financial and technical apparatus and to submit an annual report on the work of the year, As the Director-General to determine the terms of reference of his deputies.
The Minister may delegate the Director-General in some of its powers.

Article (6)

Have the funds own separate program included in the budget of the Council of Ministers to be determined in coordination with the Minister of Finance.

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