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General Description
The Oman Council (Majlis Oman) was established by Sultani Decree no 1997/86 and it consists of two Legislative Councils:
State Council and Shoura Council.
Constitutional Framework
Have decreed the following:

Article no (1): to council of Oman shall be constituted of
- The state council
- Majles Ashura

Article no (2):

His majesty the sultan will open the council of Oman at the beginning of every new session of both the state council and Majles Ashura. His majesty may convoke a joint sessions between the two councils to discuss some specific issues to be declared by the royals will when such invitation is issued.

Is such event, no other issues will be discussed and the joint sessions will be chaired by either the President of the State Council or the President if Majles Ashura at the discretion of His Majesty the Sultan. All members of the two councils must attend the of the two Councils must attend the opening sessions of the Council of Oman and the Council of Defense as stipulated by the article No 7 of the Basic Law of the State.

No member should fail to attend the aforesaid session except for reasons beyond his control.

Article No (3):

The recommendations of the joint sessions convoked by His Majesty the Sultan will be passed by a majority vote of the present members other than the President who will give the casting vote in case of equality.

Article No (4):

The State Council and Majles Ashura shall be governed by the provision of the system attached hereto. The internal regulation of both councils will be issued by a Royal Decree.

Article No (5):

The Royal Decree No 93/91 and the Royal Decree No 98/91 will be deemed canceled as well as whatever contravenes of contradicts with this Decree.

Article No (6):

This Decree shall be published in the official gazette and come into force from the date hereof.

Issued on 16th shaaban, 1418
16th December 1997

Qaboos Bin Said
Sultan of Oman
(last updated: 14-August-2007)

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