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General Description
The Municipal Council, in order to perform its function and jurisdictions, as stipulated in chapter four of the Muscat Municipality Law, may issue local orders as and when it is required, to be approved by the Minister of the Royal Court, and applicable as from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette

Muscat Municipality was divided into five administrative areas called Directorates General and identified by the name of the respective area.
These Directorates were the following:
Directorate General of Muscat Municipality at Greater Mutrah.
Directorate General of Muscat Municipality at Bausher.
Directorate General of Muscat Municipality at Seeb.
Directorate General of Muscat Municipality at Al Amerat.
Directorate General of Muscat Municipality at Qurlyat.
Constitutional Framework
Pursuant to the law No: 8/92, the Municipal Council shall consider and study a number of issues, including: :-
1. Local orders
2. The draft annual development budget for the municipality
3. Recommendations to impose taxes, returns and fees and methods of recovery.
4. Taking suitable procedures to maintain the public health
5. Recommend development projects, and projects related to health, beautification and recreation
6. Participate with the authorities concerned in endorsing the plans for the Governorate of Muscat
7. Set passenger tariff for taxis
8. Street names and building numbers
9. Discuss issues obstructing the municipal work and provide suitable solutions
10. Discuss issues relating to the municipality′s executive apparatus.

(last updated: 25-December-2007)

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