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General Description
By virtue of being a public Law court, it possesses the general jurisdiction for all the financial contraventions referred to it by the SAI president,regardless of the body from which the official referred to trial comes from.
The Disciplinary Council′s task is to settle the case presented to it in accordance with the Civil Service Law and other applicable laws.
The penalties that it can inflict include a specific fine. deprivation from pension not exceeding 1/4 and for a period not more than three months,decreasing the pension or the remuneration not more than the 1/4 from the date of judgement. If the investigation in the financial contravention has resulted into the existence of a penal crime the S.A.I. refers the papers to the Public Prosecutor office.

Constitutional Framework
The Disciplinary Council was constituted and organized according to the provisions of the Federal Lwa No 7/1976 on the establishment of the SAI (articles 20 to 26).
Mode of Election
The Disciplinary Council is set under the chairmanship of a member of the Federal Supreme Court and the membership of the SAI vive president along with another member nominated by the cabinet provided that his financial grade is not less than that of the official put to trial.However if the official referred to trial occupies the 2nd or 3rd grade or if his salary falls within the fixed limit of these grades, then a judge nominated by the Minister of Justice shall occupy the chairmanship of the Disciplinary Council.The membership in this case shall be appointed by the SAI president to a member whose post is not less than a controller and by the minister concerned to a member of the ministry or body where the contravention had taken place provided his financial grade is not les than that of the official facing trial.
Power Limitation
The financial contravention shall be nonsuit after 5 gregorian years or in case of the defendents death. Thus,the Disciplinary council will no longer possess the competance to persue the contravention.
(last updated: 19-May-2002)

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