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Contact Information
Tel: (+49) 911-5278-0
Fax: (+49) 911-5278-200
General Description
German Health GmbH is a sponsored company by ADCECO GROUP in Abu Dhabi.
Hospitalia activeHealth GmbH is based in Bad Homburg, Germany. It operates selected hospitals outside Germany, and also offers professional management and services for other health facilities worldwide. The company provides state-of-the-art hospital management. Its core parameters are consistent quality management, process-optimized teams, international supply-chain management, a comprehensive medical network and patient-focused care.
Hospitalia activeHealth GmbH also holds a major stake in German Health GmbH. This company arranges to make available top-class treatment and integrated German medical services to patients from outside Germany combined with comprehensive patients logistics such as medical consultation and treatment planning, immigration formalities, transportation, accommodations and payment.
It specializes in:
International know-how, World-wide resources, Decades of experience in healthcare markets, Planning and project development, Consultancy, Engineering and project management, Turnkey project realization, Medical equipment and building infrastructure, State-of-the-art technology, Operation of Hospitals, Management of Health facilities, Health, care and wellness, Acute treatment, After care and general care, Facility management, Maintenance of medical-technical installations, Networking for quality enhancement and International knowledge and personal transfer.
Its services include:
Check-up programmes
In collaboration with the highest renowned specialists, German Health GmbH is offering a check-up-package according to the latest state of research, by means of which a complete precaution check can be carried out already within one day.
Survey of the check-up programme
anamnesis and body check
laboratory: small blood picture and large profile
e.g. cholesterol, calcium, iron, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (g.t.), glucose, g.o.t., g.p.t., uric acid, urea, potassium, creatinine, lipase, l.d.h., sodium etc.
e.c.g. after work
ultra sound: abdomen, thyroid gland, carotis
plethysmography of the whole body
final conversation
The German Health service team prepared to submit special individual check-up programmes at any time.
(* depending on different factors, as location of departure, period of time, clinic etc.)
Furthermore, it stands to reason that additional packages are being offered, e.g.
heart diagnosis
sleep diagnosis
asthma diagnosis
tooth treatments
gynaecological check-ups
urological check-ups
and many others
Since 1999, German Health GmbH, whose main associates is A.B.C. Travel GmbH (subsidiary company of the A.B.C. Group) has been specialising regarding high quality and high quantity services for pretentious, international patients.

(last updated: 29-October-2002)

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